Current Projects

Research and Writing Projects

Intimate Worlds: Scottish Families and Atlantic Networks in early North Carolina

This project stems from my Ph.D. dissertation work on Scottish families in eighteenth-century North Carolina. It tracks emigration from Scotland to the colony, chronicling major trends and themes regarding the impact of the “intimate networks” of kinship, clanship, and other social bonds on immigration and community-building. It explores topics such as correspondence, marriage, class, culture, loyalism, and mobility from the provincial era through the American Revolution. 

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City of Death: Understanding Wilmington’s Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1862

In its initial phase, this project seeks to explore the social and cultural experience of Wilmington, NC residents during the 1862 Yellow Fever Epidemic. Brought to the port via the blockade running trade, Yellow Fever ravaged the city from August to November — leaving hundreds dead and thousands more having fled the region. The project is also an exploration of public health policy and the history of deathways in America at a time also compounded by civil war.

Digital Projects

Historia Mortis Podcast

Launched in October 2020, Historia Mortis is an all-new podcast series on the history of death and deathways in Early America. Episodes explore a variety of topics from the deathbed and the afterlife, to mourning and material culture.

Greater Wilmington Burial Grounds Project

This digital project is in its conceptual phase with a goal of creating a digital GIS database of lesser-known burial grounds in the Wilmington, NC area. It is especially focused on those that do not have much support for historical interpretation. The project is currently focusing on Phase I, which will create an interactive database for Bellevue Cemetery on Princess Place Drive.